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Last week I have an errand I was off to, pulled out of the driveway and saw that the mailman had a box hanging out our mailbox with the lid rubberbanded shut.  I was running late so I called Hubby who was home and asked him to run out and get the mail.

I came home to a box of goodies from Sarah in IN.


The childcare kiddos were here when I opened the box.  The gal that is 5 was so happy.  In the box Sarah added some notepads.  The kids love them…they become notes from the “doctor”, “grocery lists”, a place to write the names of all the kids here.  Right up next to baby blankets, the note pads are one of the most used things here.

The girl looked at me and said-Jo if I put these in the box all nice for you can I take a couple home.  Said, “Sure”.  In the end she took four home.  She was so happy.   Don’t you love it when kids are happy over simple little things?!

I was quickly digging into the fabric.  The reds went straight to my box where I’ve been keeping fabric for my upcoming Pfeffernusse quilt.  I’ve think I am going to have a great variety of reds for the quilt.  I’ve gotten so many reds in goody boxes that have come.  I can’t wait to cut into them….

There is lots of the other fabric pictured here.  I think that is going to make a charity quilt backing.  I have to measure it out…I think it would work.

Thanks so much for the goodies Sarah.  The kids and I loved it all!!

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  1. I just knew those reds were going in the pfefferneusse box! I’ve been saving reds & browns myself for the same purpose. I checked the fat quarters at the quilt shop closest to me the last time I was in town. Such a poor selection! They have so many pretty fabrics but apparently don’t cut any of them up into fat quarters….only the ones no one will buy by the yard. So the hunt continues.

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