Stash Report

Oh my, oh my did I ever get a boost in stash fabric.  The mailman came to my door with three medium flat rate boxes that were stuffed the gills with amazing goodies from Carolyn in Texas.  There was no note…so I can’t tell you a lot more….but I can show you!!  I had to stand on a chair and take the picture to try to get it all in.

As I opened the boxes was blown away with all the potential….I love this chicken fabric!!
I had seen the One-Block Wonders book before and had admired the quilts but hadn’t had the guts to try on…I just might have to now that it’s here in my sewing room.  They look so fun.


I pulled this little pile out thinking I’ll add more scraps and bits to it so we can make it into a Quilt of Valor.  There is part of a layer cake on the bottom of the pile.


Then there was this!  It’s a book along with ruler and fabric to try the strip tubing.  I had seen this as well and as was intrigued by it.  I have plans to sit down and check this out when I am recovering from surgery  after my thyroid is removed.  I am saving it for then.


Honestly, opening the boxes felt like Christmas!!

As fun as all the big projects were, I was just as excited about this little humble pile of scraps.  I have plans for these….They are going on the box that I’ve been setting aside of scraps to make Bonnie Hunter’s Pfeffernusse quilt.  That is on my list to start soon.


All these goodies are going to keep me busy for a long-long time.  It’s just amazing all the neat things that people have stashed away that they either no longer love or don’t want to find room for anymore.  I know I sure have with the cast offs.

Thank you so much for thinking of me Carolyn.  I can’t wait to start playing with it all.  My first task is to sit down with each piece and see where to begin.  It’s a perfect project for when I should take in a little couch time after my surgery.  Now I have something to look forward to when I am recouping.

The packages I showed you arrived on Saturday…then on Monday another  package and a note came from Carolyn.  I was already blown away with the first installment.

Lots more fabric.  The reds with go with the other reds for the Pfeffernusse quilt along with the neutrals.  There’s plenty of the yellow for a charity quilt backing….


I got a huge smile when I saw these fabrics…all pet related.  The love the one that looks like a newspaper.  The white cat fabrics are extra fun too.  Kelli and I have been setting aside dog fabrics hoping one day to make a quilt with all dog prints on it.

I don’t know what happened with the mail that three boxes came on Saturday and one came on Monday….sometimes the postal service is a curious thing.  It worked out great for me…..I had a happy surprise on not one but two days.  Thanks so much Carolyn.  I truly appreciate your gift.

Today we are hooking up with Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. What wonderful parcels! Carolyn is one kind lady. I hope you enjoy playing with the book and the ruler and that you make some great Charity quilts. Good luck with your forthcoming operation. Nice to hear that you are already planning what you will make during your convalescence.

  2. Betty (from Canada)

    I have made a strip tube quilts and they are very easy (they have to me for me to get a pattern to work as I am not a very good instruction reader or follower). Hope your surgery goes well. Take LOTS of time to recover. Listen to your body and when it says stop or slow down STOP OR SLOW DOWN.

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