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I’ll admit…the one thing I don’t like about childcare is that I don’t get to thrift as much.  But…that’s not a bad thing.  I really am so blessed and need nothing…but getting out to do some thrift shopping is still fun for me.

One day I did get out.  Parents had picked up early and I raced out the door behind them hoping to hit the thrift store before it closed and I made it.  I was so happy.

I found some yard sticks for Hubby.  He’s been collecting the old ones with advertising on them.   I am not sure what he’s doing with them yet.

I found goodies for me too.

fabricFabric was 25 cents a piece and the Fiskars scissors… 50 cents.  I didn’t know if the scissors would be very good or not but I got it home and it’s VERY good.  I figured it had a nick in the blade or that it was dull but it wasn’t.  It cuts like a charm.

I’m not sure where these fabrics will find themselves.  For now…in my stash with like colors.  Each piece in the photo is about a yard’s worth.  The beauty of making scrappy quilts is that most any fabrics can fit it’s way into my stash.

I have a couple more doctor’s appointments coming up in the next bit.  When I was little my mom would always treat me if I was good at the doctor’s office.  Back then my treat was a candy at the grocery store.  If it was something serious like a shot or wart removal she’d take me to the hardware store.  They had toys in the basement and I’d get to pick something small.  One time, I got one of those weaving looms to make hot pad holders.  I think that was for my kindergarten shot.  If I am a good girl at the doctor’s I think I’ll treat myself with a stop to the thrift store.  Now hopefully the thrift store will have some little goodie for me…or for the childcare kids.  I get just as much joy at finding something for them as I do when I find something for myself.

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

6 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. After my husband’s doctor appointments I take him to Ranison ice cream shop on 16th street. (3 years cancer free and counting!). I would suggest that you go to River Road Quilt shop. It’s on the same street as Gunderson, but south about 4 (?) blocks, on the left. It’s part of Nelson Flag and Display.

  2. I love the thrift-finds! The brown polka dot reminds me of a dress worn by Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.” I’ve been shopping at the thrift stores in the nearby big city for small Christmas/winter themed dishes and currently have the 6 I need to give as gifts to the staff at our Senior Center. I’m not sure what I will put in them, but should figure something out in 10 months!

  3. After the River Road Quilt Shop, continue going South ……..nice BIG Goodwill on the Right hand side. Praying for a good doctors appointment so you can treat your self!! Have fun!!

  4. I have made a full size Christmas quilt. This quilt is very pretty and a great find at the thrift store. I try to shop at my local store regularly. I would welcome this quilt .

  5. Every time I see Christmas fabrics on sale,I think of making a full sized (or queen) Christmas quilt. I have also collected several patterns.That seems to be as far as I have gotten. I did make a nice Christmas throw for my daughter a couple years ago. Unfortunately, it is not quite large enough to cuddle down in when it is cold and time to watch Christmas shows.

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