Stash Report

I got a box in the mail from Ila…She often sends me her quilt leftovers and I love it.  Ila and I actually make a good team.  She make LOTS of quilts but scrappy isn’t her favorite….I make lots of quilts and scrappy is my favorite.  She doesn’t like keeping scraps.  I love keep scraps so she gifts her scraps to me and it makes me HAPPY!!


I immediately grabbed the little bag of triangles.  Part of these are going into my Pineapple Crazy pieces…the rest are going into my Wonky Wishes quilt.


I sorted and trimmed the rest of the goodies over nap time taking each piece and making it usable for me.  I love doing this.    Trimming is something I can do while the kids are sleeping and still keep quiet.  I can see the kids from the kitchen island where I am cutting too.  It’s also a real treat to be able to sneak this in….


I’m off to take all these upstairs to the quilting room and put the piles in the proper tote.

Thanks so much Ila….Fabric petting is just what I needed today.

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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  1. Check out Murdock Mysterys, there are 9 seasons I believe, we are on season 4. Takes place in late 1800 in Toronto, Canada.

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