Stash Report

I came home from a doctor appointment, got the mail and found GOODIES in my mailbox!!  What perfect timing.  Goodies for me…and goodies for the kiddos.  It made me quit thinking about all the appointment details which was PERFECT!


The goodies came from Kathy in Texas.  She was gifted some fabric but knew she couldn’t use it all so is sharing with me.  I am so excited for browns.  Making Bonnie Hunter’s Pfeffernusse quilt is on my to do list.  I have a box of garage sale fabric and I’m adding these to the box because although it looks like lots of fabric in the box, there’s not much variety.  These new fabric will make the quilt SING!!  Can’t wait to do this one.


The kids grabbed the puzzles when I opened the box and I quickly grabbed them back.  We have a one at a time with puzzles rule.  It’s fun for them and for me to get new goodies.

Kathy did ask as question.  She said she likes to sew quilts but doesn’t like making big quilts.  She wondered if I could use 40″ x 60″ quilts for donation charity quilt tops as that’s her favorite size to sew.

I completely understand that once quilts get bigger they get harder and harder to work with.  I can use small quilt tops but the ones that are twin sized or larger are most needed.  I would suggest making four smaller quilt tops that are 30 x 40 or 40 x 40 and then sewing the four tops together in a four patch style and then you have a larger quilt.  Small is great…larger is best.

I am loving my goodies….Kelli was here when the box came and she said-“You know mom…I think there’s enough in that box for me to make one too”.  She’s right there is….both of us yelled SEWING DAY!!

Sadly right now, it’s on the back burner.  I’ve committed to a couple projects that are putting my personal sewing on hold.  That’s okay.  I’ll have something fun to great me once those projects are finished.

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