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A box came for me again.  It’s always like Christmas for me when a box comes…I just never know if it’s going to be charity quilt tops or goodies for me.  Whatever it is, it’s always a huge treat.  This box was huge so I was hoping it wasn’t entirely filled with charity quilt tops or I’d be at the machine for a six months…honestly it was a huge box.

I opened it and found a note and….

lots and lots of fabric.  Check out that Iowa fabric front and center.  I love it!!


There was a treasure trove of reds, creams and blues.  I absolutely adore them.  This is my very favorite fabric combo and all in Civil War prints….Ah…be still my heart.  The fabric petting commenced.  Kelli and I would love to write a patriotic quilt book one day.  I don’t know if these will last that long though.  I love them and want to drop everything and start cutting.


There was a large amount of flannel.  Kayla happened to be at the house as I was opening the box and she was squealing over them.  You might remember that Kayla has been doing a lot of charity knitting and crocheting hoping to complete a marathon’s worth of yarn all in projects that she’s giving away.  Kayla said-mom do you think it would be okay if I took these, cut them the to baby receiving blanket size, crochet around the edges and then donated them to one of the charities I am working with?  I said sure!  Great idea!  She was ALL smiles.

There were extra smaller pieces of flannel.  These will make a charity top.


The part of gift that really overwhelmed me was this…a started hexie project.  I was ready to start dancing when I saw this.  I’ve just fallen in love with hexie work.  I’ve worked with hexies in the past…I liked it but never really fell in love with it.  Recently I have.  I used to think I’d never finish my own project so why would I want another…but this last time that I picked up hexie project, something just flipped in me.  I went from liking paper piecing to really loving it.  I know I am going to finish my own project and am excited to have this project waiting in the wings.


There is quite a lot done and quite a lot of fabric to keep it going.  These all have cardboard hexies as templates.  I’ve never worked with cardboard.  My current project use freezer paper.  I think I’ll sneak one of these into my basket and experiment with which template I like better.


Hidden in the bottom of the box was this dresser scarf.  The work on it is wonderful.  It’s a quirky kind of cute that really makes me smile.


All of these goodies came from Jean in Manchester.  Jean is a generous soul.  She’s gifted me other things.

Jean writes that she is trying to donate things that clutter up and don’t bring her joy anymore.  The incredible thing about that I find so amazing is that these things brought much joy to both Kayla and I.   Kayla’s been wanting to make receiving blankets to donate but had spent her monthly donation allotment of money already on yarn and thread…She counted and thinks that this will make 24 receiving blankets!  She was just elated at the prospect.  Isn’t it cool that something one no longer wants can give joy to another and in turn will help yet another.  This just makes me smile.  I believe it’s one of the ways God works.

Thank you, thank you Jean.   Thanks for sending goodies our way!  We love it.

9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. My mom let her building residents know that there is someone who uses crochet hooks and knitting needles in their charity and teaching work, She got over 100 donated.

    Sometimes all you need to do is put out the word that there is a someone who will put the items to good use.

  2. I hope Kayla will share a tutorial on her crocheted edge receiving blankets. I would love to make some to donate to my Newborns in Need group. Jean and Kayla’s generosity will ripple out farther than they can imagine.

  3. My mom made receiving blankets like you described. For my son who will be 28 in March. I love them because they were bigger than store bought. I have kept them for future grands,along with other hand made baby clothes.

  4. That’s a scarf for a treadle sewing machine I think. I seem to remember a relative having one on their machine when I was a little girl.

  5. What a lovely gift? Love Kayla’s big smile as she holds her pile of flannels. It was the assortment of neutrals that caught my eye. You can never have to many neutrals when you’re a scrappy quilter.

  6. The embroidered piece is for a treadle sewing machine. I have one I picked up antiquing and my says a stitch in time saves nine. I love it and consider it one of my favorite treasures!!

  7. Lovely fabrics! I have been looking for a treadle scarf for my treadle for a long time. You are so blessed!

    Take care.

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