Stash Report

I got a fun box of goodies before my birthday from Elley.  It was a treasure trove of goodness along with a block, card and two quilt tops for charity.


This charity quilt is jumping to the top of the list because it already has a backing and binding!!!

I swear I would get a lot more charity quilts and quilts of my own done if there was already a backing prepped.  I think it’s kind of like making supper.  It’s not a big deal to make supper, it’s deciding what to make that’s the big deal.  Anyway, I’m going to soon be grabbing this and getting it done.

The fabric was great too.  I pulled some stuff because I know immediately where it’s going.  The browns I’m collecting to make Bonnie Hunter’s Pffernuse quilt.  The print I’m putting in the inspiration pile.  Kelli and I set fabric aside that has great color schemes so we can be inspired by them when designing and selecting colors.  The reds are Christmas-y and going in my Jingle Bell Square quilt.


Thanks so much Elley…the fabric was great…the quilt block fun and the card the best of all.  Thanks so much for your kind words and gift.  I truly appreciate it LOTS!!

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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