Stash Report

There’s not a lot to report in the stash department.  No new fabric in.  We do have some ordered but none in.  You might remember we have a new collaboration book and we didn’t have to make the variations of the quilts for the publication.  Well Kelli and I want to make them all and we need some solids to get them made so we ordered them…but as of right now, the fabric isn’t here yet….soon I hope.

We did hit up some Black Friday sales to purchase our batting.  I have a some of Warm and Natural left but not much of Hobbs 80/20 so I ordered a bolt of each.  The prices were too good to pass up especially considering I likely have close to 30 quilts here that need to be quilted.


I was a little surprised.  The Hobbs came via Fed Ex and all it had on it was the clear plastic wrap that you see.  The Warm and Natural came in a box.  That box got whisked away to Kalissa’s house.  It’s tradition that those boxes are used for recycling in our family.  They make great aluminum can recycling bins.

Well I’m off to get something done.  Hubby is deer hunting today so I have the day to myself.  I am planning on spending some time with the quilting machine….it’s time to tackle a couple of those quilts.  Dare I put off some charity quilts and Kelli quilts and do one for me…maybe.  Watch the blog this week and I’ll show you what got quilted.

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