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This collection of goodies came a little more than a week ago.  I had a long day and then ended up in town after childcare was over first to the eye doctor and then errands.  It was close to 10 pm by the time I got home and I was pooped.  The night before had been late as we helped Kalissa move after childcare was over.  I was really pooped.

Thankfully Hubby helped me had stayed up and helped me get everything into the house.  At 11pm I was going to bed and realized I forgot to get the mail.  I went out and retrieved it from the mail box.  It was just the pick me up I needed….a box.  The return address said Florida….hmmm –  I didn’t order anything.

It was a treasure of fabric!!  Look at all the goodies.  I sorted it out how I’ll store it.


This little pile is filled with scraps.  My plan for these is that they will be cut into pieces for my Cheddar Bow Tie quilt.


The fabric on the left is going to my inspiration pile.  If I find a fabric that has a great color combination, I try to set it aside with the hope of one day using the fabric as inspiration for picking quilt colors.


The fabric on the right is all Christmas-y fabrics.  I still have plans to make the quilt that Bonnie Hunter had featured in Quiltmaker magazine.  I’ve slowly been putting aside any fabrics that look Christmas-y with the intention of sometime making it.  I don’t know if I have enough yet but I’ve been debating about cutting into the fabric and just making a block or two….but then I know me and know that I’ll throw myself head first into the project….that wouldn’t be terrible though would it??

Anyway…by the time I was done checking out the fabric it was 11:30…past my bedtime but I wasn’t going to bed tired and pooped out anymore.  I was going to bed happy, thankful and thinking about the fun quilts this fabric is going to make.  Thanks for the pick me up to the Vestal’s in Florida.  There wasn’t a note in the box.  I looked and looked but the return address said Vestal’s…if I am guessing I think it’s Diane who has sent other fabric…  THANKS so much!!

As I was lying in bed I made my plan for the next day and that included finding the other Christmas fabric.  I still want to know if I have enough to start the Christmas..”Tis the season!!

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

2 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Bonnie Hunter’s block in the new 100 Blocks issue is also Christmas themed, Joyeux. I’ve got my eye on that one for a Christmas quilt.

  2. Jo, this will be my 1st time to try my hand at Bonnie’s Mystery Quilt with the hopes of understanding it all. While going through my stash I came across some Christmas fabrics. You mentioned Bonnie’s Christmas pattern in the Quilt Maker Magazine. Could you tell me what year of Quilt Maker magazine it was in? Maybe I can try it out also to see if I can indeed make her quilts. Thanks for any help you can be to me.
    Jeri (once a cold Iowan & now a cold Texan) lol

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