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I had told you last week that I’d need more fabric for Bonnie Hunter’s mystery.  I’m working with Civil War Reproductions and black I never did have many of and golds I’ve used up on previous mysteries.  I definitely needed a gray.  I don’t keep much fabric at all that is larger than a half yard cut.  I needed to shop…and did.  My favorite on-line stop is always Whittles Fabrics.  The prices are the best and customer service is AMAZING!!


I admit to liking to touch the fabric that I’m going to buy and to see it in true color…but at Whittles prices, I’m willing to risk it.

The reds in the picture looks a little more pink than they actually are….I wanted them to give my reds a little contrast.

I picked the gray and really ended up liking it.  Then I went through and picked a few more colors that I could find in reds, golds and black.  Then in the memo of my order I wrote that I was doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I asked that they pick out 10 half yard cuts that were either gold or black.  Whittles doesn’t list all of their fabric on line.  Most is just in their brick and mortar store so they can do this.  They did a WONDERFUL job picking fabric for me.

Anyway…I think I’m set for fabric for the mystery at least for now to start with.  Depending how the instructions come I reserve the right to pick up a few more fabric before it’s complete….Just a few more days before the sewing begins.  I am really anxious for it this year.  Of all the mysteries so far, Roll Roll Cotton Boll is my favorite.  It taught me to love string piecing.  What’s your favorite mystery quilt?

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  1. Yes, it’s a steel building, but oh, how wonderful it is when you walk inside! No interior walls taking up space means more room for great fabric at wonderful prices!

  2. My favorite Bonnie mystery was Celtic Solstice. It is not done yet, tho!! I need to put a last border on it so that it will fit my king size bed. I have always liked kaleidoscope quilts and Celtic Solstice has that look. I made it in rust, gold, blue, and green. Autumn colors. So I might change up the colors in this year’s mystery Looking forward to Friday!!

    Diane in WA

  3. I’ve never done a mystery quilt, but I did like the Celtic Solstice! You got a nice haul of fabrics — I’m clicking on the link to head over there right now!! :)

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