Stash Report

This stash report is brought to you by some generous, anonymous sole in Alabama…at least I am assuming it’s someone anonymous.  There was no note in the box that I could see and no name on the return address.  I surely thank you whoever you are!

It was treasure trove of goodness.  It was all I could do to not grab the stack of blues and reds with the neutrals and run off and cut out a quilt.  They blend wonderfully together.  So much so I wondered if maybe they were left overs from a quilt.

I am in scrap heaven too.  One of the items in the box was a bag of strings.  I just so happen to have started playing with some blocks that can use up lots of strings….I am so happy to get some more fun colors and fabric in the mix of what I’ve been working with.


There was a stack of batik-ish prints that I’m adding to that collection of mine.  I still have plans on a batik quilt someday.

…speaking of someday there were Christmas prints in the mix!  These are going directly to my box with Christmas prints ….


I’m collecting because someday this quilt is going to happen.    I’ve always wanted Christmas quilts for my beds and this one would be one I could love.

It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt and it’s in the current issue of Quiltmaker.  You can get it here if you missed it.

So thanks so much Anonymous in Alabama.  You made this girl in Iowa’s day!

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.  Head on over there to catch other stash reports.

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  1. glad you liked the fabric. The box was so full there was no room even for a note. I was cleaning my sewing room and thought you might could use those pieces since you do so much for charity. Whatever you do is better than them sitting on a shelf just waiting to be used! Have fun. I really enjoy your blog.

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