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I’m adding a bit of little solids to my stash.  Well actually they aren’t just going into stash.  They all have purposes. I’ve got plans for it all.  The teal is going with another teal I already have here.  We designed a fun quilt that will be in the new collaboration book that’s coming out.  We’re hoping to sew up another of the variations soon.


The yellow, well that’s for a Bonnie Hunter quilt – Four Patch X from the More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.  I have all the four patches made.  I just needed a yellow to keep progress going.  I don’t have plans to jump on this project immediately but as long as I was ordering the other fabric I decided I was taking advantage of cheaper shipping costs.


I chose a deeper yellow.  I think I’ll like least I am hoping I will.  I have no idea what the sashing will be.  I think I’ll just sew up the blocks and go from there.  This is a long term project and that’s okay.  Little by little it will find it’s way to the front burner.

The yellow fabric is hanging out downstairs in the laundry room waiting for an opportune time to cut into it.  I’m guessing I’ll start cutting into it some night when Hubby comes in late from the field and I want to chat.

That’s all that’s new in the stash.  I’ve been sewing like crazy though and that feels good!

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  1. I just spent a couple of hours going through some of my fabric stash and down sizing big time! Still also have about 6 large totes of fabric to go through and down size. Most will be given to charity organizations, but some will be given to close friends who sew and quilt if they want it. Actually, it felt really great to do this. Love your new fabrics. Have a wonderful creative day!

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