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I had ordered a book from Amazon so when the UPS truck stopped I figured he was delivering the book…nope.  It wasn’t the book…even better..more scraps from a blog reader.


The scraps came with a note from Heather in Saline, MI.  She writes, “Hi Jo- Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog.  I recently cleaned up my sewing area and wanted to gift you some ‘scraps’ for your pineapple quilt.  I loved a bonus half square triangle, but these are a little too small for me.  Enjoy!”

Well I will be enjoying these for sure!  Now that my Garden Party quilt isn’t front and center I’m going back to working on my Pineapple Crazy quilt in between things.  The triangle and other fun scraps that Heather sent are just what I needed.  I know for me when I am working on a truly scrappy project I sometimes get in a rut with the fabrics that I am working with.  These two little baggies of scraps are just what I need to breathe some new life into the scraps I have been working with.  They are bright and fun…absolutely perfect.

Thanks so much for thinking of me Heather.  Your scraps are going to make my quilt sing!

To see what others are doing with their stash of fabric check out Patchwork Times.

2 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. That was so nice of Heather to send those scraps! So many people just toss them! I consider scraps as a free quilt top! I gather scraps everywhere I go and have been known to dig through the trash for them! LOL! I guess that makes me a very serious scrapper?

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