Stash Report

In our adventures running between here and there we managed to make a stop at JoAnn’s and luckily I remembered to bring that awesome fabric that Linda gifted Kelli and I.

Both of us have plans for a Bonnie Hunter Wild Child quilt thanks to Linda’s gifted fabric.

As we drove to JoAnn’s Kelli and I did a debate trying to decide if we both wanted to use teal for alternate blocks like Bonnie did or if we wanted something different.  The plan was that one of us would use one color and the other would use another color.

We got to JoAnn’s and nothing looked as good as the teal did.  It was the perfect shade and both of us loved it…so we both got it.

We’re ready to cut into the fabric.  Both of us have been working on the string pieced parts and neutral half square triangles.  It’s amazing how fast this quilt can come together.

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  1. I have a Wild Child nearly finished. I used a dark purple print for the alternate blocks and now I need to find a border fabric. I just can’t imagine what to use for the border, so it is waiting in the UFO pile. Debbie in WV

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