Stash Report

Getting a package here has turned into a huge event.  The kiddos just love it.  It doesn’t matter what’s in the package, they want to open it and see what it is.  They get excited no matter what’s in the box…even fabric excites them (I’m teaching them the best I can!).

Mary the Sailor sent a package to us the kiddos were so happy.


They had me reading books-which they loved.  Then they unfolded the fabric and had to look at all the girls on the fabric.  It was so cute.

Not too long ago two of the sisters I care for had to stay late.  The four year old loves to see and chat about whatever I have going on.  I’ve told her about my Wild Child quilt.  She quickly told me that I should put some of the blue fabric in that quilt.  She’s so cute.

I am saving both of these.  I have a huge desire to make a novelty print quilt and these are perfect for that!  Thanks Mary and say hi to Matt.  Thanks so much for thinking of us.  You’re a sweetie!

To see what others are doing with their fabric management check out Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Matt says “Hi” right back atcha. I’m so glad you like the fabrics. I thought about sending crumbs for the pineapple blocks but these two pieces just shouted “Jo and Kelli”. And anything I can do to encourage a child to read makes me happy. I’m sure I annoyed my nieces and nephews for years with my presents of books, however they never realized how long I searched for just the right book for them rather than running to Toys”R whatever and grabbing the first box.

  2. HI Mary and Matt!! I was just thinking about the two of you yesterday! I was playing with my “new” Featherweight table!! I will ALWAYS remember the two of you when I get that out!
    We NEED another retreat with Jo and Kelli!! (That is a hint girls!)

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