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I’ve been to the doctor a few times lately and that’s brought me into town and that has brought me to the thrift stores.

Now that I’ve doing childcare I don’t get to frequent that thrift stores very often.  I miss it in a way but I love what I’m doing now even more…and really how much more “stuff” do I need??   Right??

Well apparently I needed two pieces of fabric….well “need” isn’t exactly the right word but it’s impossible for me to pass it up.

The black and white is 2 1/2 yards worth and the other piece is a brushed cotton and was a 1/2 yard cut.  Each was 50 each.  For that price I couldn’t say no….for that price they can sit in my stash for the rest of my life and never get used.

Sometimes I tell myself my love of fabric is a little crazy-then I tell myself that I actually rarely buy expensive fabric so the 50 cent buys and $1 box buys are much cheaper than any other hobby I could have and so far, it all still fits in the quilting room… (I’m actually far from filling the quilting the room)

I look at it as working on my retirement plan….put a little in now and reap the benefits of it later.

Today I’m hooking up with Patchwork Times.

7 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I agree with the retirement plan. Unfortunately, my quilting room is pretty full, and retirement is still several years away.

  2. Love this! One of my guild sisters from NorCal used to say this all the time! The word Stash has such a negative connotation that she called it her fabric investment and was an essential component of her retirement plan. :)

  3. I had to go on a fabric diet for several years because my “fabric collection” was just filling almost every space & room inside my house & I didn’t want to sleep out on my patio! I just love fabric!!

  4. HAHAHAHAAAAAA, that’s what I told myself about when i retired. Now I am retired and my stash is not any smaller as I am hooked on online fabric shopping. However, my sister and I have a goal to go to Europe when she retires so I am ‘banking’ the money I am not spending on fabric. It’s a trade off, but I have enough fabric to quilt for four more years without buying fabric. :)

  5. Going thru my mother’s stash again since my daughter wanted to switch rooms. Yes, the sewing room was bigger than her room – slightly! So now I have less space, which is probable a good thing. Forcing me to reorganize. I will never run out of fabric.

    Found her old Barbie doll clothes patterns. I will never make them. I know you like the AG type patterns. Are you interested in the Barbie patterns? I’d love to send them your way. Or to anyone else if Jo is not interested.

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