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Getting goodies via the mail is truly a bright spot in my day…and my latest mail box package was an extra special find.

First off let me say, I the worst gift giver…WORST.  I think I put too much emphasis on getting what I hope will be the “perfect” gift that I over think it so much that gift giving is just plain painful for me.  I am awful at reading the person and knowing what they’d like so I always feel like whatever I did give is just dumb.  If there were such a thing as a class called “Gift Giving 101” I need to take to it because gift giving is something that always brings me anxiety.  I think I’ve passed that trait down to all of my kids so it’s even worse.  We’ve just pretty much given up’s easier for us all.

That’s why I am always so amazed when a blog reader can gift me things that are perfect….for example…this from Linda.


Several years ago when I traveled over to Country Threads one day to meet another blog reader.  Linda ended up reading the blog and came to our retreat.  While she was there she was working with Kaffe Fassett fabric.  I loved the fabric.  I told her I did.

On my list of quilts to make one day is Bonnie Hunter’s Wild Child from String Fling.  Bonnie put a fun floral print around the outside and I had casually started looking for one as I decided I wanted the border fabric first as that would guide my color selection for the center solid.  I hadn’t hard core started looking as I have a few things that have to be finished before I can seriously start sewing on this….well thanks to Linda I won’t be looking anymore.

She sent 3 yards so I immediately called Kelli and told her…then grabbed my book to see how much we needed for the border.  1 1/4…although we might make the quilt a bit bigger..there’s plenty for us both to make one.

Right now if all goes well and we don’t sign ourselves on for too many deadline projects, we just might pick a sewing day on Thanksgiving break and sew something together completely for us.  Thanks so much Linda for thinking of us.  We both really appreciate the fabric and even a thought of a sewing day to ourselves.

As long as I’m thanking retreat goers..a big shout and thanks to Anne D.  She sent a package filled with memo pads.  My kiddos go through paper and paper and paper.  They especially love the little pads like these.

They use the pads for playing doctor, restaurant and practicing letters.  They’ve already had fun with these!!

So thanks to Linda and Anne for making my mailbox more than just a receptacle for bills!

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I’ve come to realize that the best way to think of gifts to give people is to simply listen to what they say and remember what they like or wish for long enough to write it down. Just like Linda heard you mention the border fabric for wild child. I do Christmas shopping throughout the year and people are always so surprised, “How did you know this is what I wanted?”

  2. If you find the gift giving 101 class, let me know, I need it, too. I do the same thing as you. Or maybe we need a support group!

  3. I got a package from Anne D. this week, too. Green strings! I was so happy to get fun fabrics in my mailbox and Wildchild is on my list of want-to also!

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