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Oh my oh my…

You might remember that a bit ago Kelli and went to Blue Earth, Minnesota to do a trunk show.  Well a short time before that I had gotten a note from Jolyn.  She was cleaning out her sewing room and wanted to know if I wanted scraps or fabric.  YES PLEASE!!

I just love the goodies that come my way.  She said she had four bags.  WOW!!  I’ve learned that four bags can mean lots of things…  4 Ziplock baggies to four grocery bags to four giant garbage bags.  This is what she brought to me.

All the way home for Blue Earth with the bags in the back seat I kept trying to get Kelli to grab a bag and show me the fabric inside.  Kelli kept telling me-really mom.   You can wait until we get home the fabric is under all the quilts we brought for the trunk show.

There is lots of great goodies tucked in there.  My favorite bag is the one in the middle back.  It’s filled with all sorts of bits and scraps that are fun prints.  I had said that someday I want to make a quilt with novelty prints-there are several in there that I’m using for that.

I didn’t get time to sort or pet to my heart’s content.  That wedding quilt was calling and calling to me to come work on it.

I did find a wonderful set of coasters that are going to be my sewing room coasters.  Kelli is always bringing drinks up there and not using a coaster…now she has no excuse…I love her..but.  She needs to use a coaster and these are perfect.

Once the wedding is over I am spending MANY evenings in the sewing room sorting and playing with this wonderful catch of goodies.

Jolyn was so sweet.  She said she had some health problems over the winter and decided that she’d never sew all of the fabric up in her lifetime so wanted to pass some along now.  Jolyn…thanks for thinking of me and Kelli- we hope to make some wonderful quilts with the fabric you shared.  We wish you good health and many happy years of quilting!!

Today we are hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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