Stash Report…

When we were at out retreat at the end of July I was gifted lots of fun fabrics.

There is a sweet quilter lady from Ridgeway, Iowa, Helen.  We’ve ran into each other while we were talking at two of the guilds in our area that she attends.  Helen is well known for being a batik fan.  I keep telling Helen every time that I see her that I still want to make a batik quilt but just don’t have enough to make it scrappy and scrappy really is my favorite.  Well Helen decided to try to rectify that by gifting me with batiks.


I love them!!  I really-really do want to make a batik quilt.  There was a gal, Debbie, at the West Union location who is known for making lots of batik quilts too.  She was making our May Flower quilt with them and it was gorgeous.  There is definitely a batik quilt in my future thanks to Helen.

I got lots of other fun fabric from retreat attendees….

I had said that I would love to make a quilt using novelty fabrics and these are wonderful to get me started.

Thanks so much to Helen and all the gals who gifted me fabric…dog fabric from Connie, fish fabric from Audrey, Canada fabric from Mary and fireman fabric, I admit came from the scrap bin at Deb’s.  For a quilter like me, fabric is always the perfect gift.  Thanks, thanks and THANKS!!

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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