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So I am running really far behind. It was Kalissa’s Bachelorette party this weekend and that left me with house visitors and overnight guests. I don’t mind a bit in fact for the most part, I like it even though it throws my routine oriented self in a bit of a spin.

Anyway…onto the stash report.  I got a wonderful box of goodies in the mail….

Lots of times when fabric is sent to me from a blog reader who want to stay anonymous.  You can read the note that came with the package- “from anonymous in Texas”.


There are all sort of goodies included in the box.  I’ve been working on a charity quilt that I’ll show you on Friday but it’s made with lots and lots of novelty prints.  Since seeing it I decided that there is a novelty print quilt coming on my future…they are so cute.  So as I was petting the fabric that came in the box I was thinking…”great novelty print”  I pulled out a few of my favorites to show you.

They are so cute!!  I am really want to make a novelty print quilt and include these…I think they are so fun.

Oh-Oh!  That means that I am going to need another tote to house them.  It seems I never have enough totes to keep things organized the way I’d like.  Until I get to town to buy one, I am designating a box for them.

I can’t wait until the vintage cabinet that Hubby is working on gets fixed so I can put them in a permanent home.  You can bet that when that’s done and I can get my quilting room completely the way  I want it there is going to be some big time hooting and hollering happening at my house.

I love all the wonderful fabric and can’t wait to find a permanent home for them all in a pieced quilt.  That is going to happen one day!

Thanks a million “anonymous in Texas” I had fun folding and petting all your wonderful fabric!!

3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I like to make I Spy quilts, and I cut a 5″ WOF from novelty prints to keep in a separate shoebox. That way, I can still incorporate the fabric into my usual stash, but don’t have to search for all the novelties when I want to make an I Spy quilt. Hope this helps!

  2. so, jo, do you have any fabric you really aren’t in love with? you could whip up a quick tote for the novelty prints. you could do the tote route or a small basket or even a draw string bag. quick and easy. patti in florida

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