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I thought I wouldn’t have much to write about in this week’s stash report but wrong!  Ila, our blog reader, came to the rescue.

We have long loved Ila, our blog reader.  We’ve met up with her a couple times and typically share an email here and there.  She’s a real sweetie.  She’s been downsizing a bit and we often are luckily enough to receive a few fun pieces.

Recently she sent a box of goodies that had the girls and I juggling over who could have which items….Kelli got gluten free goodies and a cookie jar.  Kayla got a cute set of nesting chickens.  I snapped up the scraps and batting.

Thanks a million for thinking of us Ila!!

It’s always fun to see the goodies that get sent our way…so far, no nothing else in but there is going to be some money spent by me on fabric soon.  It’s time to get going on Kalissa’s wedding quilt after all it’s scheduled for September 5th…that’s not very far away!!

We have a modified pattern and have colors…now it’s fabric time.  Watch for next week’s stash report to see what I’m making!!

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  1. Was thumbing junes issue of american patchwork &quilting and spied a beautiful red white and blue quilt . I thought , this would be a wonderful one to make, I wonder who made this, and after reading further, found it to beyours and Kelly’s. I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful well explained pattern. I am working on it now. I read your blog and am a friend on Facebook. Thanks again.

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