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All week long I have been working on cutting down a big box of scraps that a blog reader had sent to me.  I use Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap User’s System.  Since I found that, I started LOVING scraps and have made them usable.  I had the last pile dumped out and ready to tackle when another box came in the mail.

This box is goodies for me and for the childcare kiddos.  Books are for the kids and scraps are for me!

I immediately started paging through the books.  Even though it was Saturday and I had no kids here to read books to, I started reading them.  They are wonderful.  I know the kids are going to love them.  I love the “How do Dinosaurs…” series.  I had a bunch of the books from the series when I quit childcare last time.  Those were all passed on to new childcare providers in the area.  I have to admit, I do miss my old book collection but these are a great help to getting a collection back in place.

I grabbed the scraps and headed upstairs to the quilting room.  I still had the mess out from cutting scraps so thought I would just keep the mess going and tackle these too.

Thanks so much for thinking of me and the childcare kids Debbie B.  I just love sorting through scraps and cutting them down.  It’s like therapy to me!

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3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Lori in South Dakota

    ROFL–did you have any new numbers to report this week??? The “how do dinosaurs” books are fun.

  2. Jo, our library sale here is huge with thousands and thousands of kids books. They are quite a resource for homeschoolers, etc. We have another sale coming up this weekend and I can scour it for you. Are there specific age ranges or books you are looking for? I can bring them end of July so there will be no shipping charges and can fill a huge box.

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