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Last weekend my goal was to cut up all the gifted scrappy fabric that I had.  If anything was 1/8 of a yard or smaller, it got cut up.  I was trucking along and had just finished up when I went downstairs to get a drink of water.  While downstairs I started chatting with Hubby and then he said something about the mail.  I went out to get it and there in the mailbox was another box of scraps.

There was only a note in the box that said, “Enjoy!”  Well that’s exactly what I did.  While still had part of the mess still not cleaned from the previous cutting I decided to keep on cutting.


Being I have a long arm I could tell that many of these scraps were from a long arm quilter or someone who had saved the scraps from trimming the backing off their quilts.  All of the pieces were really extra wide.

I know the photo below doesn’t look very organized but it is.  The first pile is 3 1/2″ strips, then 2 1/2″, then 2″, then 1 1/2″ in the little tote.  All of these need to get put into the big totes that hold all of these sizes.

My goal is to try to get this all cleaned up this week.  I’ll be honest…sewing on my new blocks has drug me away from getting these all put away.  I made a vow that I wouldn’t let the sewing room get as messy as the one on the at the old farm house did…that means I best get off the machine and start tending the mess.

So a big shout out and thanks goes to Jen in North Dakota.  I love the fabric…I’m on my first step of enjoying.  I am sure I’ll enjoy the scraps again and I sew, as I quilt and as I admire the quilts that your scraps will make.  THANKS!!

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  1. My scraps look much better in your sewing room! I tear customer backings, so you received the pieces torn to even up the bolts. Someday, I will have time to sew quilt tops again.

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