Stash Report

No new stash came in.  I did have stash go out when I made my Connect Four quilt that I blogged about on Friday.

In all of my reorganization of the quilting room I found stuff (lots of stuff) that needed attention…one of those things that needed attention…the wonderful scraps that my readers have to me.  Some had been cut immediately and used in my Pineapple Crazy blocks but some had been set aside waiting for a day when I had a little more time.  That day was Saturday!

I believe the only way to really use scraps is to get them into usable pieces.  For me, that means I need to get them cut down and into my scrap users system. (I use Bonnie Hunter’s technique for that)


I dumped the boxes out on the floor and started ironing and cutting and cutting and ironing.  It was an all day affair and I enjoyed every second of it.   The best part of all, while I cut the pieces down into usable sizes I also cut out the cover quilt on the magazine below.  I’ve been wanting to make that quilt and this was the perfect was to cut it out and get the quilt really scrappy.

I challenged myself to only use donated fabric for the colored blocks.  There wasn’t enough reds to do the chained blocks so those came from my stash.  Using the donated fabric from all of you is going to make the quilt so memorable as most of the fabric will have been given to me by blog readers!!


I just can’t wait to get a block done….I truly mean that so I am going to quick sign off from this post and quick make a block before we head out to church.  I think I can get one made before we go…

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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