Stash Report

You might remember a bit ago I got a box of fabric from Diane V.    Diane had said she would probably be sending another box but I certainly didn’t expect it.  WOW-WOW-WOW!!

When Hubby saw the box he said that now that the garage sale is over and there’s room in the garage, we definitely need to get working on that cupboard in the garage  and refinish it so I can get the fabric all sorted out and organized in the sewing room.  It will be so amazing and fun to be able to see the collecting fabric I have all organized and easy to choose from.

Thanks so much for thinking of me Diane.  I just love gifted fabric and can’t wait to have my Pineapple Crazy quilt finished so I can dive into these.

Happiness truly is gifted fabric!!

4 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Wow! It must be like opening a treasure chest when you get a box of beautiful gifted goodies! Gorgeous fabric there. Lucky you!

  2. Oh, Jo, lucky you. Those fabrics look scrummy. Can’t wait to see what you turn them in to.

  3. It would be so wonderful if I had my fabric all organized now that we have moved into our new place (and I actually have a sewing room). But, I know that no matter how well it’s organized, it still won’t be easy to choose from! Good luck with yours Jo.

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