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So last weekend I was suppose to do several things.  I was suppose to go to the baby shower….I was suppose to travel to Rochester and meet family.  Although I really wanted to do both, I made plans to stay home.  We still have lots to do here and with working, I just don’t get much done that’s extra.  At the farm house if I had something I needed to do I just let the housework go for a day or two.  I can’t do that with childcare kids coming here most days.  The house has to be clean with little ones running around.

We have been waiting to seed down the lawn until the telephone cable got buried and that happened this week so the goal was to seed the lawn.  Did it happen?  No.  My job was to clean the lawn.  There were still some sticks and rock that needed tending to.  That part is done.

Then I got several things done here in the house.  I actually made excellent progress and was so excited feeling a little caught up…and then the kids kidnapped me.

I fought them.  I truly did but they won.  The argument that got me was that I needed to get groceries anyway so might as well go with them….I did.  Then got to town and they were having garage sales.   Well the kids wanted to stop…so I gave in and said just a few….I needed to get home and get things done.  Then one of the first sales we went to had fabric.  It was 50 cents per piece.  Six of the pieces had over two yards each in the piece.  SCORE!!

I also found 4 spools of thread for big stitching.  I am still bound and determined that one day I am going to sit down and big stitch a quilt….Now I have the thread if I ever find the time.

We stopped at a couple more sales then I insisted on getting towards home.  Then they called Karl and asked him to join us for lunch..and then I insisted we get home.  I finally won and back home we went.

I spent the rest of the day running around trying to catch up on the time I lost while “getting groceries”.  I feel so bad I didn’t make it to the events that I was originally invited to but there comes a time that treading water just isn’t enough and I have to have a day to catch up…and hopefully get ahead.  Hubby’s in the field now so he’s not home until 9pm so he’s no help.  That’s okay and part of farm life but it leaves me doing his things to do.

In the end, I actually think I got more done around here by “being kidnapped”.  Sometimes I get really sidetracked around here.  Having limited time makes be stay more focused.

All in all it was a good day in the end.

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  1. It is good to be soooo loved by your grown children that they are dying to spend time with you and care about you working yourself too hard! Also, remember that the days are getting longer and soon you will have plenty of time to work on the yard and the house once the childcare kids go home (that is, IF you have the energy to do anything other than collapse on the couch!). Great haul, by the way!

  2. I agree with Tricia that it is great that your kids want to spend time with you. I moved across the country from ND to WA years ago and didn’t have the opportunity to do things like that with my parents and now my kids are all in Denver. I love reading your blog every morning. Would like to meet you some day. I still miss the small town, country life sometimes.

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