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Can you believe I was gifted a box of fabric scraps again?  I can’t but I sure am happy about it!  These were sent to me specifically for my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  While I was doing childcare on Monday I was thinking that after the kiddos go I would have to rummage around upstairs and see if I could find some more scraps.  My organizer was running low.  I kept lamenting in my mind wondering which box would be the best bet to dig through.

I had extra kids to care for so I got really busy and quit thinking about what I was going to do after hours.  A few of the kiddos hadn’t been here before so those days are always extra hard.

As the day wound down Kalissa stopped by and brought my mail in.  I only had two kids by then and Kalissa was here entertaining them so I opened the box…Oh my!  Just what I had needed.


There are great colors to continue on with my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I don’t have to go digging to find anything!  Everything I needed to look for was in the box.


Even whites.  In the picture they look cream but they are white.

These were all sent by Barbara A.  She was the winner of the Country Girl Modern book we gave away.  Isn’t that sweet that she sent me a little something in return??  It was not necessary at all but trust me, VERY-VERY appreciated.

I didn’t miss a beat and was right back to sewing blocks.  THANKS so much Barbara A!!

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  1. Barbara Amorin

    You are so welcome! It was fun digging through all my scraps looking for things I thought you could use. Happy sewing.

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