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This blog post is brought to you by Diane V….honestly it is.

I got a wonderful box filled with fabric from Diane V….Immediately I dug through it and was so happy.  I love it all but the two pieces laying on the top…one of them is going to be used immediately!


You might remember that I had been using up some leftover fabrics shortly before we moved.  I had made this baby quilt top.  I stopped when I realized that I didn’t have border fabric.  Then it just got packed away.

I was so excited to see these fabrics that I ran upstairs to the quilting room and started digging to find the quilt top.  I think, one of the pieces laying on the top of the box of gifted fabric could be the border fabric.


What do you think??

Right now I am thinking that the one of the left is the one I would use…what do you think?

I haven’t had time to go shopping for a border fabric.  Isn’t it fun that the fabric just came to me?  Thanks so much Diane…I really appreciate that you thought of me when you were cleaning out your mom’s fabric stash.

It may take some time but I am sure I’ll make good use of it all!

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18 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. what a nice surprise! sometimes I get surprises like that on my front porch- I do a lot of charity sewing, too, and it’s always fun to look and see what’s come in… I definitely think the fabric on the left, with flowers, is best by far. happy sewing- and can’t wait to see the sewing room reveal!

  2. Lucky you! I like the one on the left best too.
    The whole box looks great, sure you can find a home for all of it. What fun!

  3. I like the left too. And a skinny border of that bright green in the box if there is enough would really bring out the greens before you use the one on the left. Just an idea.

  4. I like the one on the left too. Would the other one work for binding? I was gifted with 6 huge bags of all kinds of fabric earlier this week. I now have a big plastic container of fabrics for donation quilts and hubby has lots of new double knit shop rags.

  5. I also vote one on the left! LOVE it when the perfect fabric drops into your life/project! Hoping to find more time to sew now that work will be slowing down for me, a little bit.

  6. I would use both! A narrow border of the stripe, and a wider border of the floral. The stripe will give your eye a place to rest. Love it!

  7. I would pull out that bright green fabric in the box and make a 1″ border out of that (for an inside border) before adding the wider orange final border. It would make your outside border pop!!

  8. Jo, I agree with those suggesting the bright green for an inner border and following with the coral on the left. Wonderful fabrics, wonderful quilt. Lucky you to have received a wonderful gifted box of fabrics!! Have fun, let us see the end results, please.

  9. Lesley Gilbert

    I like them both but I think the one on the left will soften the edges. How lovely to have friends who give you so much fabric :)

  10. i must be truly strange. i really really like the orange-stripe for the outside border. it doesn’t make the quilt scream pink. would still use the green for a tiny inner border. maybe open the fabric up farther, put each on opposite sides of the quilt. just an idea. patti in florida

  11. What a wonderful gift!!!! I love all of those fabrics so much! From the picture, I think the one on the right matches better but that could just be the pic. So wonderful!

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