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I always think I’m not going to have any new fabric in…and then I either get a box in the mail or go thrifting.  Today’s report is courtesy of thrifting.

There’s a newer thrift store that’s now open in Decorah.  Their prices are dirt-dirt cheap.  The piece of fabric to the right had a rubber band around it the others are small and were just loose in the tote where they keep fabric.  They often have left overs from people who use sheets are backings in the tote so I sort carefully.

There was another piece that had a rubber band around it that was 50 cents so I took my three pieces to the counter and asked how much they would cost-telling the clerk that the piece in the tote that I didn’t take was 50 cents.  She said…”Oh 50 cents for all of it.”

The piece to the left is a 60″ wide two yard piece.  Perfect for a twin sized backing…the others are just big scraps that I’ll add to the collection.

I never report numbers anymore.  I just don’t have much movement out…but I am getting movement in though and it’s time to balance that out a bit…okay that’s it.  Today I have a goal to at least load a quilt on the quilt frame…I can do that much, right??

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2 thoughts on “Stash Report…”

  1. I have no idea how much I have but it takes a room to store it. I am making an effort to use it up. 4 twin tops and the binding are ready for my friend to take over for finishing charity quilts and one is on the design wall. I spent yesterday making lists of the finishing material needed for another 15-20 quilts so we can not waste any money in Paducah at the sales and low cost vendors. Mostly need background material because we both have huge amounts of fabric samples given to us and something is needed to tie them together. I am going to make a couple more of your patterns too.

  2. How fun to find fabric at the thrift store.

    I’m wondering about a quilt pattern. Occasionally you show that you have been stitching on it. It has rectangular blocks and each corner has connector corners.
    Do you have a pattern for it? And/or measurements.
    Thanks for your help. Enjoy the day.

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