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My stash grew again!  I am so happy to report that as the growth came via a blog reader.  Regina send me this big box stuffed with goodies along with a note that says to expect another box in a couple weeks or so.  Glory be, I hit the jackpot.


In total seriousness, the scraps that get sent to me from blog readers absolutely make my day.  I would so much rather go and get a mystery box out of the mailbox than go to town to the fabric shop.  I know for some of you, you think I’m plum crazy because for you, it’s just the opposite.  You would rather go to the store than mess with scraps…

I love getting a box…I sort and iron and sort and trim and sort and iron and trim some more.  It’s a fabric petters dream.

Right away I grabbed some of the whites and cut them up big enough to be the big corners on my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  I was running low on them.


Next I grabbed some of the brightly colored thin strips.  They are going to be the long pieces on the blocks.

I’m not saying that I’ll never sew with quilt shop fabric from a fabric line but I will say, my favorite sewing ever will always and forever be from scraps sent to me by blog readers….I love it!  Thanks a million Regina.  You’ve had me smiling for an hour or two already…and I haven’t even started sorting and ironing yet!

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11 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I am with you – I do the happy dance when someone gifts on even a little baggy of scraps, but a box full is like Christmas!

  2. I agree – I LOVE to get a bag of scraps, unwanted by others. There is always such variety with all of the possibilities built in. I always have several scrappy quilts in my queue, the pieces find a home somewhere!

  3. Oh that is wonderful–I love surprise scraps better than store bought fabrics, too.
    Have fun adding to your beautiful pineapple piece…hugs, Julierose

  4. I, too, would much rather have a bag of scraps from someone else than new yardage. I think it’s because other quilters choose different fabric than I would. When opening a bag of scraps, there are so many possibilities!

  5. I’m with you on that one! It really allows you to add lots of different colors and prints in your quilts without spending a fortune! I take scraps from anyone that wants to get rid of them. If they are too small for my use, I donate them to the Green Bag Lady project and they use the little scraps to stuff pet beds!

  6. Oh, Wow! What bright and happy colors! Lucky lady! They will look so pretty in your pineapple blocks. I love scraps, too, often use them for applique in machine embroidery.

  7. Hi Jo!!! I’m glad the box arrived safely. I got a few boxes from our onsite nurse today telling her I need to send fabric through the mail.

    I forgot to mention on the note that the baggies of scraps are ones I purchased at my guild quilt show. Members pack Ziploc baggies with scrap and pick up a label to give the buyer a little info on what’s inside: if it is washed and if pets are owned. At our show boutique items go 50% off the last day so the scrap bags were $.50 I am afraid I got a little excited, hahahahaha.

    The white fabric you cut up was left over from a sundress I sewed (or attempted to sew) for my firstborn daughter when she was one. BriAnna will be 18 this summer!!! And that is why I had to get rid of my scraps. I hoard them and could never, ever make such good use of them like you do.

    Keep your eyes open for another box from Wisconsin.

  8. You are not alone in your love of receiving scraps from friends and bloggers. Nothing is more exciting that getting a squishy in the mail with some unexpected fabric goody in it. But a BOX, you must be in Heaven. That would knock my socks off too. Have fun with your new fabric. I expect to see lots of fun quilts come out of those boxes.

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