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Life here has been so different.  At the farm I was used to doing what needed to be done at the moment and not really having regular work hours.  My what a difference a job makes with regular set hours.  Don’t get me wrong, I am loving childcare but I do miss going to town on random days during the week.  Before I’d go to town whenever and then just work that night instead.  Now it’s work from 7 am to 6 pm and then fit my stuff and the family stuff in and around that.  It turns out that Saturdays are becoming grocery day.  I hate that because then I end up blowing a Saturday….

Yesterday was that kind of day.  Errands and groceries.  Yuck.  I even went all out and bought myself an outfit in an actual store.  I know that for many of you that’s not a big deal but for me, clothes brand new from an actual store is a rare occurrence.

I did hit up the local thrift stores too.  I came home with stash fabric.  I can’t say no to it!!

The store had a tote of fabric some was together-some was loose.  Some was dirt cheap.  Some wasn’t.  I picked up the little bundle to the left it was marked at 25 cents.  I immeditely knew I’d snap that up.  Then I looked more and other bundles of what looked like were strips from sheets were priced at $4.  I was so confused.  Obviously whoever priced it didn’t know a thing about fabric.  In one basket was a whole bunch of loose fabric.  I started sorting through what I thought looked like I would use.  I had a little pile there.  When I went up to the counter I asked the clerk about the pricing.  She said that the loose stuff looked like about twice as much as the 25 cent bundle so she asked if 50 cents was an okay price.

So my fabric stash here was 75 cents.  That made me smile for the day.

When I got home I told Hubby that I hate that Saturdays have to be shopping days.  I don’t get time to do more projects at the house if that continues.  He suggest taking care of the grocery shopping one night during the week so I’d have Saturdays free to work on things here….great idea.  Hopefully that’s the plan for next week.

Stop by this evening.  We’ll have a recap of the blog hop and give you one final chance to win a copy of our book.

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

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  1. It’s almost 4 am here. I happened upon your blog a few hours ago. Needless to say that I’m hooked, have been reading old blogs and then got hooked on Sweet P quilting blog. I’m sad that you’ve said the daily blogs are going to be a thing of the past. ;-(. I’d love for you to continue them. I’m in Central Florida where it’s too hot for me to even finish hand quilting the many UFOs I have stored in trunks in my screen room. I moved to Florida in 1988 after 16+ years on the coast of Connecticut. In the mid 80s a friend of mine opened a quilt store where a year later I became the store manager. We sold quilting supplies, cotton fabrics and gave classes both in our store and at the local high school’s adult ed. Due to my move to Florida we sold the store. Right now I’m in the middle of making a few rag quilts for Christmas gifts. My town is very small, pop. less than 2400, so I was thrilled to run across your blog.
    For the past month my living and dining room have become my quilting studio. Large cutting table with my olfa mat, clear rulers and 2 rotary cutter. The table also has rows 1-4 of a very bulky rag quilt blocks with the X sewn in their sandwiches. The are pinned and ready to go through the sewing machine assembly line style. Rows 5-10 of the 8 inch blocks are labeled and stacked on the table waiting for their Xs. The Swedish recliner has the big UPSed box from Joann’s with the rest of the 3 yard hunks of the anti pill flannel that are going to be the other 2 rag quilts I’m making for Christmas gifts. Between the recliner and the dining table sits the ironing board. The quilt under construction has each square labeled since the unragged side is set up as a disappearing rail fence. The rag side is just a hodpog of 11 different flannels but I made sure no 2 alike are touching each other, thus l ended up making colored pencil design of the disappearing side, numbered each square. Then on the rag side gave each square their number. Square number 7 in actually paired with disappearing square number 1. My head was spinning at times. When I make my brother’s the unragged side fabric is all the same fabric. It’s a beige/green/white gentle wave. I’m going to just set every other one vertical and horizontal and his rag side is a 5 fabric repeat. Both quilts are 10 rows of 7 across. I’m using the heavy anti pill flannels since my son’s is going to St Louis and my brother’s is just south of Raliegh so even though we’ve had a very cold January and February here in Florida, they both have the season to enjoy the large throws. Both are tall, 6ft 5 is why I’m making them finished 70 inches. My son has said that when he uses a throw he likes his feet to be covered, but then the blanket ends at his waist.
    Enough about me, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading through your blog and am sad you are not going to be doing it daily.

  2. Mary Ann Harpe

    That’s the one thing I hate about not working some many weekend any more (I work in the Blood Bank at a large hospital). I can get so much done around the house and errands done on a week day off than I can on the weekend. Hope the grocery shopping in the evenings works out! Mary ANn

  3. When I worked I strived to do the cleaning on Thursday night and on Friday we got a bite to eat and then went grocery shopping.. Most of the time is worked. I hated wasting Saturdays in crowded stores. Either that or I was at the grocery store at 7:00 a.m. On Saturday. You have a long day, but I guess if you had to drive to work it would be the same. You will find a system that works for you. You get more done “than the average bear” to mimic Yogi Bear. Good for you to treat yourself to an outfit. Sometimes we are last on the list. Can’t wait to see what your next quilt will be. A Nifty Thrifty Quilt?

  4. Love your new book. My first quilt out of it would be the star. I donate a quilt in memory of my mom and dad every year to the church they attended and they auction it off in the fall. I think that scrapy star will be next years.

  5. I have always worked full time and used to grocery shop and clean house on Sunday. Now I do all the grocery shopping on Thursday night and rotate household chores so I am done by noon on Saturday. The best grocery store is 40 minutes away, so I consider this my night out. It helps that hubby is retired and takes care of the laundry and vacuuming.

  6. Just started reading your blog, it’s great! I enjoy reading everything you have on it. So much good things to learn. Thanks for being here!

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