Stash Report….

On the fabric front…nothing in and nothing out.  How boring is that??

On the paint car front-nothing in and LOTS and LOTS of cans out.  I tallied it up.  We’ve painted 21 gallons worth of paint.


I can happily tell you that all of the painting is done.  YaHOO!!  I tallied it up and and it took seven days for me to paint the entire inside.  I had help from Kalissa two different times and Hubby did the stair well.  Kelli helped on the last day.  There were a couple 12 hours days of painting thrown in there.  They were very long but now they are  over and we are onto floors.

I know that I’ll have to do a little touch up on the painting before everything is said and done but that’s okay.  I likely won’t do that until after we move as I am sure a wall or two will get a ding in the moving process.

Just to make the stash report official, here’s the stats.

Used this week… 0 yards.

Used to date…  0 yards.

Check out Patchwork Times for more stash reports.  Hopefully someone there has a little more excitement going on in their sewing room.

7 thoughts on “Stash Report….”

  1. That’s a BIG job to be able to say is done. Hopefully one that won’t have to be done again for a long time! Just cover any dings with furniture. (lol)

  2. What a feat to have used 21 cans of paint. Maybe it would have been easier to stretch your fabric on the walls and you can change them more quickly. lol What I can see looks nice. Now you can relax.

  3. How wonderful that the painting is done! So dang much paint in such a short time! We started painting at our place the last week of November. We have so much furniture to move (and stuff inside the cabinets) that we’re only doing like one wall a week. We have to wait out snow days, but it’s looking good. I’m sure your house will look wonderful!

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