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Most of my stash is packed and ready to move….actually all of it is.  It’s a little depressing.  I did keep out a few UFO’s and made a few more UFO’s before everything got packed away so don’t worry, I do have things to sew on.

I am trying to see how long I go without buying any fabric this year.  That’s what happens when I pack it all up and see how much I have!!  I am making some exceptions though.  Fabric that I find at thrift stores doesn’t count when I say “not buying”.  Honestly compared to many who show their fabric stash on social media, I don’t have that much but in my world, I have WAY MORE THAN PLENTY!!

So all the way into January on the 4th…have I purchased any fabric.  Yep, I did.  But it was thrift store fabric…3 1/2 yards for $1.50.  That’s a legal purchase for me!

I don’t keep a regular tally of fabric in.  It’s just too hard as we get so much promotional fabric…and I buy scrap bags at the thrift stores.  As long as it fits in my storage area, I don’t mind.

I do like to keep a tally of what I use though….so here’s the first report of 2015.

Used this week… 0 yards.

Used to date…  0 yards.

How boring was that!!  I have a feeling, until we get moved, all my stash reports are going to be pretty boring.

Check out Patchwork Times for more stash reports.  Hopefully someone there has a little more excitement going on in their sewing room.

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  1. That was a purchase that couldn’t be passed up. The hardest part about having fabric packed up, for me at least, is not being able to get the piece I need and then I go out and buy more. Hope you get yours unpacked soon.

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