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Over Christmas week the nursing home where Kalissa works had their annual Christmas party for the residents.  I went along with Kalissa and met her “adopted Grandma”.  You might remember that she is the one we made the quilt for.  Kalissa planned on giving her the quilt…she loved it.  We didn’t take any pictures as we are respecting her privacy but I can tell you, she was happy.

After our time there we braved the shoppers and went to town so we could hit up the thrift stores….I’ve been really good about not buying much lately.  There is just something about moving and packing that makes a person realize that they don’t really need stuff and stuff and stuff.  So what did I do??  I bought more stuff…actually only just a little bag of fabric.

I can say no to lots of things but fabric is really hard for me to say no to when it’s at thrift store price.


At the thrift store that I was at, fabric is typically 50 cents per cut unless it’s specially priced.  Pieces that are 50 cents are typically 3/4 of a yard in length.  Anything smaller is usually bagged up and sold as a lot.

I debated not able to decide if I should get it…it seemed higher priced than normal.  Then I looked at the stack again, there were so many homespuns and dark colors that would make a great guy quilt so I decided to just get them.

When I went to the register to pay, the check out gal who is a regular there and has been there for years looked at the stack.  She said, I think this may have been mis-priced.  I told her that I was thinking the same but that I was comfortable paying the price….she said no, how about $2.50 for the stack?…I told her if she charged me $4.00, I’d call it a deal.  So that’s what we did.

I was charged $4.00 for the stack….that makes me HAPPY!!

So now I need to sort is and get it all put away.  That’s a bit of a challenge since most of the sewing room is already packed…but I’m gonna do it.  The buckets that I save strips in are still there and ready to hold more.  As for the bigger cuts, I think that box is still open too.

Scrappy equals HAPPY for me….I just love scraps.

Used this Week: 0  yards

Used year to Date:  70 yards store bought +  164 gifted fabric + 68 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

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  1. My daughter brought me a huge & I mean huge box of fabrics she bought from a yard sale in her area, there is the slight musty smell to it. What do you do to get rid of odors? I don’t have a clothes line or any yard to really speak of to lay it out to air out after washing it all. Any suggestions would be great!
    Thank You

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