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I started packing up the sewing room.  It’s a little bittersweet.  Part of my is dying to get it all packed up and get of here..the other part of me doesn’t want to pack it because what if I need something and it’s packed.  I am labeling the boxes in a way I understand just in case I do.  The other thing I hate about packing things up is that the truth has finally I hit.  I will likely be doing only a little bit of sewing in the next two months.  I really hope it isn’t that long…I’ll be crazy if it’s that long.

In the packing I ended up packing up the fabric that I bought at Country Threads when they closed.

It’s mostly just backing fabrics.  Can you believe I already used one of the pieces?  It’s the bottom left one.  I bought that for my Celtic Solstice backing.  The neutral in the front was to feed my neutral collection.

The others…I’m not sure what they’ll be for…just backing of some sort.  Whenever I come across fabrics for backings that are $5 a yard, it’s hard to resist.

This week I finished up my Celtic Solstice…you can see that here if you missed it.  We also had a quilt back from being featured in the current issue of Quiltmaker magazine.  You can see that here.

That all translates into lots of fabric used!!

Used this Week: 31  yards

Used year to Date:  70 yards store bought +  164 gifted fabric + 68 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

To see how others are inventorying their fabric use, check out Patchwork Times.

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  1. You never realize all the fabric you have tucked here and there until it comes time to pack it all up and move it! Enjoy watching your new home progress.

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