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Kelli was home on Friday and we had an errand to New Hampton…well actually to Ionia.  On the for sale group someone was giving away a couch.  The owner said it had a couple tears in the back and needed cleaning but I was up for the risk.  With me doing childcare and being on a limited budget for set up costs, a free couch was just what I needed.  I’ve wanted a couch for the childcare room.  With the tear to back, I’ll just put the back to wall and none will be the wiser.  I figured I’d likely have to clean it up and get it in the best shape but at this point, I am a beggar not a chooser so I decided to take the risk and travel there to get it.  We ended up getting it and I like it.  It’s a New England brand and is something I would have bought for myself but I’ll have to work to get it clean and in tip top shape.  It’s burgundy which is an added bonus.

Anyway, on our adventure we ended up stopping at the thrift store in New Hampton.  They just got a new building and expanded so we couldn’t not stop.  Deal of the day…20 items in a bag for $5.  We caved and ended up buying shirts for quilts…..

But even more exciting we found scrap bags…4 of them.  I spent $13.50 total..but was it worth it??


I’d say yes.  There are 27 pieces of fabric.  Three I’ll take back to the thrift store.  They are chintz and I don’t want them.  The remaining 24 are all good.  Most of them blues or neutrals.  The blues are primarily floral prints.  Kelli and I both have been wanting to do a floral quilt so they some will go in the floral box.  Each piece in anywhere from 1/4 yard to 2 yards….so awesome deal!  The jean fabric for patching jeans is an added bonus!

I am VERY happy with the purchase.  If nothing else, we’ll make and blue and white quilt in florals.  I love the challenge of making something old-the dated fabric- into something awesome.  I have to say I am tempted to go back to the store in a day or so.  It makes me wonder why all that fabric was blue and creams….Will they be putting out other colors in the days to come??  That’s the thinking of me, a fabric hoarder and thrift junkie.  Those of you who fall in the same category can relate I’m sure.  It’s just mysterious why there are no other colors in the packs…inquiring minds what to know!

We did have some fabric out…

We had a new free pattern this week.  You can find it here if you missed it.

Used this Week: 3  yards

Used year to Date:  35 yards store bought +  151 gifted fabric + 68 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

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3 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Some quilter had been saving and hoarding blues for a specific quilt, kind of like I was for Quinn’s Trip Around the World,and once it was done she was so sick of blues she got rid of the rest?

    There’s got to be an answer, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would toss blues or neutrals.

  2. I wish, when you have time, maybe after you get moved to your new home, that you would do a Bargello quilt, I want to do one so bad, but I am bad at reading instructions, except yours, you spell it out so simple and clear that I can understand what you are saying. When you get time.

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