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I have fabric in…This time around it’s all good…all for projects that we’re finishing.

I’ve told you before and I’ll say it again, and again, and again.  I love Whittles Fabrics.  Kelli and I needed a backing for our quilt that we’re making with Kim Diehl fabrics.  We didn’t want to pay full price if we didn’t have to so I when to Whittles on line.  YEP…they had Kim Diehl fabric.  The even better news was that it was only $7.50 a yard!!

It’s the bottom piece.

When ordering I ended up writing a note in the comment section saying that I needed a light blue fabric that would look good with my Celtic Solstice.  The I put a link to the blog showing a picture of my quilt.  Then I asked if they might have anything in the store that would work with it.

I got an email back saying yes..they did have a fabric.  Then they sent me a picture of the print.  I thought it would work fine for the outside border and binding.  Best news yet, that was only $4.50 a yard.  SCORE!!

This made me so happy.  I didn’t have to leave my home to shop which right now, I have no time for.  I didn’t have to go from store to store searching for the right fabric either.  It’s exactly what I needed.  Don’t get me wrong, check out brick and mortar stores is always fun…sometimes, I just don’t have time though.  Whittles has a flat rate $5 shipping charge…sometimes over the holidays they wave that.   I sign up for the newsletter so I know when that is and then typically buy a couple backing pieces of fabric.

All in all…Whittles is a great on line buying option for fabric.  They combine quality fabric, great prices and good customer service.

Used this Week: 0  yards

Used year to Date:  35 yards store bought +  148 gifted fabric + 67 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

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5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Mr. Whittle is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. His daughter has done a great job with the website. The new store is worth a side trip if you’re ever in the Bowling Green, KY area.

  2. Jo I live about an hour from Whittles. My sisters and I visit there often. They have a seat from a van sitting inside by the door. Since I’m getting older, I spend a part of every visit holding this bench down. Well, one day a very elderly gentlemen was sitting on the bench and we had a great chat. Turns out he was the senior Mr. Whittle who started Whittles way back in the 1940s. It was a joy to talk with him. Another reader made a comment about the curren Mr. Whittle being extra nice, I can attest to that. Whittles brick and mortar store is closed on Thursdays and my sisters and I are well aware of that, however, we have made more than one trip on Thursday to find the store closed. Crazy us! One Thursday my sister and her husband was out Whittle’s way looking at cattle or farming equipment (yes they are farmers too) and Bessie needed to get some fabric and didn’t realize it was Thrusday so they stopped at Whittles. Bessie went in the store through the unlocked door and Mr. Whittle was just inside the door. Suddenly, Bessie realized it was Thursday and apologized for barging right in. He said don’t worry, come in and choose what you need. She found her fabric and made her purchase even though the store was officially closed.

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