Stash Report

Well..I have some fabric in.  I didn’t get time to fold it and make it all pretty looking though.  This fabric has places to be and the fabric doesn’t have time to be folded and fondled.


The fabric is from Henry Glass and it’s all part of Kim Diehl’s  Vintage Farmhouse line.  I can’t wait to cut into all of them.

Kelli and I were asked to work on a collaboration book that is scheduled to hit the press and be out next fall.  It sounded like lots of to us.  The book will be heading back to fat quarter quilts.  We were so honored to be asked to join the team of designers.

We have quilts to make and patterns to write though.  This time around, we’re going to have to do some juggling.  Things with our house are getting a little more busy and Kelli has news of her own (nope, no baby) but news we hope to share soon.

Last week we did have some fabric out with Kayla’s fun baby quilt pattern.   It’s a free pattern so if you missed it, you’ll want to stop over and check it out.

Used this Week: 2  yards

Used year to Date:  35 yards store bought +  133 gifted fabric + 67 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

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  1. I fell in love with Vintage Farmhouse, too. Don’t know what it is about it — I just describe it as “soft country”. If you think you’ll want more, don’t hesitate. I had to get online to find someone with my background choice left in their inventory.

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