Stash Report

Last week I told you about the quilt shop stop Kelli and took.  I showed you the great white fabric I picked up and also told you about the wool we got but didn’t have a picture of it…well today I do.

Here it is all washed and ready to be cut or dyed for wool rug hooking.  The selection was pretty picked over but we were happy to get some off whites and creams.  We’re hoping to do some dying of our own at some point.

The wool obsession came after we visited the shop in Liberty, MO.  We need to do come research and find dye so we can really give it a good try but little by little we’re checking into this.

We did have some fabric out this week.  We finished up our quilt and free pattern of Meet in the Middle.  If you missed it, you can check it out here.

Used this Week: 11 yards

Used year to Date:  34 yards store bought +  125 gifted fabric + 62 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

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