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Last weekend we went to Minnesota to celebrate my brother Jim and his wife Sandy’s 30th wedding anniversary.

On the way home Kelli and I stopped at JoAnn Fabric’s hoping to get a backing for a quilt I am making as a wedding present.  The JoAnn’s in Mason City is opening a new store soon so the old store was slim pickings.  Everything was on sale though.  I ended up getting 4 yards of the red polka dot for $12….

That was a good deal.  Can you believe, I restrained and didn’t buy any other fabric.  I’m trying to just buy for projects that I am actively working on.  It’s hard but someone I need to refrain and that seemed like a good plan.  I can buy whatever I want as long as I am actively working on the project.

Can you see that I am getting a little further along on my blocks.  I haven’t been actually working on the project..just as leaders and enders.  I added over 30 blocks this week.  I am just over half way to having all the blocks finished and it doesn’t even seem like I’ve ever sat down and worked on the project….I love that!!

I did have some fabric out this week…  It was all for a quilt for my brother’s anniversary.  Did you see it?  We’re offering a free pattern for it so head on over and check it out if you missed it.  Honestly it’s one of my favorite quick quilts ever!!

So here’s the stash report…

Used this Week:  9 yards

Used year to Date:  23 yards store bought +  90 Moda and gifted fabric + 38 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

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  1. I have strips ready to press and cut and then Jimmy John is going to be a quilt top! YAHOOO! I didn’t NEED to start another quilt, but I wasn’t too enthused about furthering any of the UFOs and I need a donation quilt for the church camp fundraiser. Little Sunday afternoon nap in the rainy afternoon and then my machine will be humming! I can’t wait to see it all put together! Thanks for the pattern!

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