Stash Report….

I’ve had LOTS of stash enhancement over the week…

I got a wonderful box of goodies from Angela.


I also got another box from Nancy in PA.

I already used about a half yard of the bright blue for a binding for a charity quilt I was working on this week.  I’ll show that off sometime this week once I get the binding finished.

It is so kind of you gals to think of me when you’re sorting through your stash and reorganizing.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and what a joy it is to get the packages.  I am hoping to get some time this week to get them all sorted through and organized.

When I showed the goodies to Kelli she was excited and said she thinks we need to reorganize some of my fabric.  I keep telling her I want to wait until we move….It’s getting to the point that I don’t know if I can wait that long.

Right now I have my Civil War and similar fabrics in a scrap savers system sorted by size and my brights are sorted by color.  I think I want the brights sorted by size…I am always changing my mind.  All fat quarters are kept separately.

How do you sort scrap??

Thanks so much ladies for thinking of me with your scraps.  I love scraps no matter the size…no matter the color…no matter the condition.  Scrap quilts a my favorites…

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2 thoughts on “Stash Report….”

  1. Thank you Jo for helping me de-clutter my sewing room by sending all my scraps your way. The long strips of fabric that are cut from the backing after a quilt is finished seems too much to toss. I have my CW fabrics in one area….by color. My regular fabrics…calico, etc. are on shelves and another office max cupboard all by color also. I keep the solids or the fabric that looks kind of solid all together but grouped by color…don’t have many of these. I have everything folded like Bonnie Hunter showed on her blog…love that method…works on any size shelf…just have to measure. My wide backings are rolled with a piece of fabric tied around and marked the size. I purchased a few backings at a quilt show and that is how they had them…works great to stack these together. It took me a full week to press and fold all my stash but I am so glad I did…it looks so neat and organized. I have one drawer in the plastic stackbins that is marked “Jo’s scraps”. Thanks for helping me get organized, Nancy

  2. Denise Finucane

    I’ve got all my scraps sorted by size: 3.5″, 2.5″, 2″, string, selvedge, crumbs. I’ve got my precuts in a drawer, FQs take 2 drawers, and now 2 bookcases of yardage. All of my fabric is organzed by colour family – except the scraps. I keep thinking I should sub-divide them by neutrals/colour/novelty but haven’t tackled that yet…maybe at Christmas break. Then again, if I keep sewing maybe I’ll have used enough more to not worry how it’s organized :)

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