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I’ve told you time and time again that my mail box is a fun place to be.  Now that I pay more and more bills online, it has actually gotten to the point that I get more good mail than bad mail.  This week I got a box from absolutely jammed full of fabric and scrap and crafty goodies.

I waited until Kelli came home one day before I started sorting it.  Kelli sorted and grabbed out a few pieces batiks.  She’s got a batik quilt planned and has been collecting scraps for it.  As we sorted both of us marveled at the generosity of quilters who sent us their goodies.  We set aside some floral prints still hoping to make a Floribunda quilt.  We set aside the red, white and blacks and realized there were quite a few pieces.  In fact, enough pieces that it inspired me to cut right into them before I even put them away.  You’ll have to stop by tomorrow to see what I am working on with all of those pieces.

We got another package recently in the mail….

This was a charity quilt top.  My hope is to get this one on the machine this week and get working on it.  I can’t wait!!    Each time I see the weather lately it seems that someone is under the weather gun for tornadoes here in Midwest-today and tomorrow both look stormy.  It just reminds me that someone somewhere will likely be in need.  Thanks to all you charity quilt top donators for helping to provide those needed quilts to bring them comfort.   I currently have four completed quilt tops here.  I am hoping to get a couple more done then ship them out again.

Thanks so much readers for making my mailbox a fun place to check each day!!

Last week I didn’t have any fabric out except for fabric to finish up two charity quilt tops.

Here’s the official report.

Used this Week:  1 yards

Used year to Date:  75 yards store bought +  54 Moda and gifted fabric + 11 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

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