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When Hubby and I were last in Lacrosse we stopped at Menards.  I’ve been wanting to get garden seed and start my own plants so I did.  Then time got away and Palm Sunday came.  Our son Buck was home and, don’t bother planting them indoors.  It’s too late.  UGH.  He said I should have started them at least six weeks ago.  UGH.

Money spent for nothing.  Then I decided well I am at least going to start the Morning Glories and Moon Flowers.


I’ve always wanted to start my own seedlings.  I was so excited and disappointed all at once.  I planted them…and then remembered at the last minute last fall I had dug out the potato vines and saved them.  I have no idea if they grow like potatoes but after looking at the tuber I decided that it looked like a bud was starting…so I planted it.I have no idea if it’s going to work or not but it’s not costing me anything to try.


I cut back my geraniums that I’ve had in the basement and hopefully they’ll perk up and start growing too.


In the end I did put the tomato seed and pepper seeds in too.  What the heck?  It they don’t grow…big deal.  I’d have to throw the seeds out anyway.  At least this way I’ll know if I want to try to start my own seeds next year or if it’s a waste of time and energy.  I’ll also know how long it takes to get them going so I can plan better for next year.

For now…I’m just calling it an experiment.

4 thoughts on “Starting Plants”

  1. Hi Jo, don’t throw the seeds out – keep them dry and cool and most likely they will sprout next year. I’ve used seeds that are 5 years old without problems. I put them in a ziplock bag with a silica packet and keep them in a cool spot in the basement. And I haven’t started my tomatoes or peppers yet either, only broccoli, cabbage and kale. The tomatoes can’t go out in the garden for 7-8 weeks anyway.

  2. Around here we can get chilly spring storms as late as May, so I can’t see how starting them now is too late. Maybe not optimal, but if they’re getting a start where it’s warm enough for them to grow, why not? I agree with Sherry, to keep any seeds you don’t use cool and dry and they’ll likely be good another year, or more. And morning glories? I found I could collect the seeds from those and grow them the next year easily. In fact, those things can be hard to get rid of because they self-seed if you don’t catch them quick enough. Think green thoughts!

  3. I saved my geraniums last yr and left them in the basement w hardly any light, lost most of them and took most of the summer for them to come back. This winter I put them in the basement till the Christmas decorations went away, Then put them in the window one is blooming! Today it is warm (70!) and raining so they are on the deck getting natures best rain.
    Other seedlings I never did as well with. But planting seeds in the garden YES!

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