Starting a New Rug

Saturday I showed you my finished rug. (If you missed it, catch it here)  As soon as it was off the frame I ripped strips for warp and started another.

I have designated Sunday nights as I watch Downton Abbey and Mercy Street for rug making.  I wanted to be sure to have something to work on so I loaded the frame.  I really like my other rug so was anxious to start another.  My plan is for the rugs to similar but not necessarily matching.  I think I’ll go with similar colors but a different design.


This time around, so far anyway, I am keeping the navy blue as the constant with one of the twining pieces.  The other one with change colors.  I did that last time too only this time the one that changes will change strip by strip rather than shirt by shirt.

Sunday night when I was working on it about the time there was a break between the two shows I sprinted upstairs, grabbed a navy shirt off the pile and cut more strips because I was out.  Then when Mercy Street came on I was back to twining.

Tonight after childcare I grabbed some shirts and started cutting.  I think I am supplied enough to get this next rug made now.  I am guessing there will only be few more episodes of Downton Abbey left.  Other seasons had 9 episodes and they are already to episode 6…ah, I do wish they either had more seasons or produced more shows per season….I am hoping to get this rug done before they are over.

Tune in next week to check on my progress.

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