Starting a New Quilt

Yes, I am starting a new quilt.  I am warning you now, that you probably read several post about this quilt as it is quite an undertaking for me….
It’s the Tribute to Judie quilt by Carol Hopkins Designs.  You are probably sitting back’s just star blocks Jo, what’s the big deal?  Well, you’re right, it’s not a big deal.  It’s a little deal.  The blocks finish at a small 3″.  The quilt needs 180 of these little 3″ blocks.  WOW!   At this point I am just raiding my scrap box using 1 1/4″ and 2″ scraps.  My hope is to continue this way not using any new fabric for the quilt.

Right now, I have 9 blocks finished.  I’ve taken a week to make them.  If I continue at this pace, I’ll have the blocks completed in 20 weeks!  I think I’ll just be slowly plugging along with the goal of having it finished by 2011. 

I’ve been in love with the quilt ever since I saw it at Telecuma Quilt Shop’s blog…head over to see all the fabulous quilts and projects they have.  If you like civil war reproductions, you’ll LOVE the shop.

How can you not love this beautiful quilt….I have a little box of cut out blocks sitting my sewing machine, waiting for me to have a few minutes of free time.

4 thoughts on “Starting a New Quilt”

  1. You can do it it will be beautiful, the more fabric the better. I am making a quilt that needs 280 something of the same basket block that is appliqued. Civil War Legacies makes nice patterns. I just found your blog it is very inspirational.

  2. Oh!, I love this quilt!! I’ve started a two-color (yellow and white) with 6″ stars…I like the sounds of the 3″ though. (I’ve got a Dear Jane top close to complete, though, which indicates I’m a little insane! :-D) Maybe you could “leader and ender” it — especially if the pieces were cut with the GO! :-D (Boy, am I lovin’ the sounds of that!!)
    Mary Lou

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