Square Knot Story

Earlier this week I told you that we had our Square Knot quilt featured in American Patchwork and Quilting’s new February 2017 issue.


What I didn’t tell you is the story behind the quilt.

This quilt was started back in 2012.  At the time our daughter Kalissa was a senior in high school (now she’s married and has a baby!!)  Kelli that year had made a quilt using this pattern she design and made it for her mother in law for Christmas.  Well Kelli wanted to make a quilt for Kalissa for graduation and decided that she would make the same pattern only use a different fabric line.

The quilt is made from a jelly roll….yep.  One jelly roll will make the entire quilt!  There is VERY-VERY little left over so you need to cut carefully.  Anyway, Kelli picked the fabric line Neptune to make this one out of.


Kelli had never really written any pattern down, she didn’t know the exact yardage needed.  She didn’t realize that not all shades of black are the same.  She started sewing and (in typical Kelli style petered out when it came time for the border).  The quilt sat.  Kalissa graduated.

Kalissa went on and graduated from nursing school too.  That’s about when I challenged Kelli to finish her UFOs.  She had a HUGE pile of them and most only had a border or two to put on.

I had forgotten about this quilt.  So had Kelli and so had Kalissa.

When I did see it I fell back in love with it and told Kelli we needed to send this into a magazine for publication.  We agreed and did…only the quilt still didn’t have the outer border.


We didn’t get a date for publishing so again, the quilt sat.

Then early last summer I got a note that they needed the quilt.  UGH.  oops.  Well we went to find the black for the border….hmm.  Kelli couldn’t find any at her house.  I searched through my blacks and couldn’t find any then Kelli said, “By the way mom, I remember why I didn’t finish the quilt….I couldn’t find a matching black to the center and added something else to the inner border.”

WHAT??!!  Now what do we do?????????

This is slated for a national publication and the fabrics don’t match!!!

How embarrassing!?

UGH…so what to do.  Well we could take the inner border off, remake it and then complete the quilt the right way.

Well that left us hunting and hunting for the “right” black that was in the middle of the quilt.

NO LUCK!  Neither of us had any clue what brand the black fabric was.


In the end, we did find a Kona that matches the inner border.  So the inner border stayed on and the outer border matches the inner border but neither border matches the inside sashing.

Happily had I not confessed that all right here, you wouldn’t have known.  The photos they took for the magazine do not give that away.

So finally after 3 1/2 years Kalissa is getting her graduation quilt.  She has a high school diploma, an RN degree, a dog, a husband and a baby…now her quilt.


The best news of all…Kalissa LOVES gray…really loves gray.  Most of her house is gray.

She squealed and was delighted to finally get it.  I think she appreciates a lot more after such a long wait.

9 thoughts on “Square Knot Story”

  1. Congrats to Kalissa for finally getting her quilt. And congrats to Kelli and Jo for finishing it. Kalissa is going to need that quilt, now that winter weather has reached the upper midwest.

  2. Helenanne Judisch

    Totally understand and identify with the running out of fabric, don’t know or can’t remember where the fabric came from “method” of creating a giant UFO pile. Have started keeping a note card with each project with those details noted in hopes of minimizing those problems when it comes time to get things finished. As I typed this it occurred to me that an envelope to hold receipts for materials purchased new might be handy to keep in each project box/bag as well. My most recent finish was delayed by the need for matching blue quilting thread.

  3. Judith Fairchild

    3 years may seem like a long time try 16 years. I got interested in quilting and made 4 good (i thought) quilt tops. Took the 1st one to a long arm quilter. She took them looked the squares over bright them back to me several months later and told me they would have to be done over. The poor squares sat for 16 years. I was straightening up my sewing space and came across the squares and the other 3 tops. I got really upset with myself and the professional quilter.. sat down and went over the squares carefully.. they were no where perfect but they looked good.. meanwhile I had learned to quit small quilts on my sewing machine. I took the squares matched and sewed them into four sections quilted each section and sewed the sections together. Bound and washed the quilt senat it to my niece. SHE LOVES IT. I’m happy and finishing the other quiltscthe same way. Quilting on a regular sewing machine can be done .

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