Square Dance Questions Answered

After our quilt Square Dance was featured in this month’s issue of Quiltmaker, we had a question that arose from a reader.

The reader was concerned about how we dealt with the blocks being they are bias edges once the blocks are trimmed….Being Kelli did the sewing on this one I asked her.  She say, “Spray starch ladies…lots of spray starch.”

I think she’s right..I also think that some of the fears quilters have over bias edges are a little bit over rated.  If the blocks are handled and pulled excessively before they are put into the quilt, you won’t have a problem with bias edges.  I know some people also sew a stay stitch around the edge to keep it in place.  For us  here at the Junction, we just use LOTS of spray starch and we use the cheapest stuff Wal-mart carries…we’re just that classy!!

When Kelli did the original mock blocks, she made them in Civil War prints…aren’t they pretty??  We think one simple block like this if quilted and bound would make an awesome candle mat.


The alternate block would look good too with some pretty hand quilting in the border and a dark colored binding.  I grabbed these two up from Kelli thinking I’d do that but she said wait…she’s thinking about making another of the quilt someday only in Civil War prints.


The blocks were lots of fun to make and I hope you might be inclined to make the quilt.  If you do make this or any of our designs, send us a picture.  We’d love to feature them here on the blog!!

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  1. I am quilting a quilt for a customer that is set on-point and was obviously handled way too much in the creation stage! I had to SID around all the blocks to stabilize them and ended up doing SID around all the pieces in most of the blocks as well. Good thing they wanted custom quilting because some of the blocks needed some “sucking up”! I agree with you – lots of starch and gentle handling.

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