Sprucing up the Kennel

When I was at the thrift store I happened upon a pillow with a pillow sham.  I bought it for $1 and put it in Gracie’s kennel.  She has a medium sized kennel and the pillow fits PERFECT.  I was at the thrift store again and bought another pillow sham.  We keep her kennel in our room and she sleeps there over night.  Now when I change the sheets on our bed, I change the sham on Gracie’s pillow.


It keeps our room smelling good and I’m able pick a quilted looking sham for very little cost.  I am such a cheapskate but purchasing a dog bed verses a pillow with two shams from the thrift store means more money for me to purchase fabric!!

3 thoughts on “Sprucing up the Kennel”

  1. My chihuahuas also sleep on pillows. They have a bed that was a hold over from a previous pet but they prefer a pillow and so do I. It is easier to keep clean. I can toss pillow and cases in the washer as often as needed and they dry faster than a bed too. Plus, like you said you can get cute pillow cases and shams to match each room. We have one in each room so they have their own spot everywhere.

  2. What a great thrift store find!! and Gracie will feel special with her very own quilt! I’ve never understood how quilters make their dogs a quilt of their own… don’t get me wrong my first child was a “Baby Dog” and I loved my miniature schnauzer to the moon and back – but never would I have ever made a quilt for him. Finding an old sham is a perfect solution!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. PS = my laptop died over the weekend just after my husband updated our Kaspersky Security program and now I don’t have your mailing addy – and can no longer check my bminor email account.

    Can you go to your sent box and resend it to me – this time putting dbminor at the beginning?? that way it will come to our desktop? thanks! ;)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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