Spring to the Finish Challenge

Here’s a little sneak peek at what I am working on…
I am very patriotic and love anything in red, white and blue so this little quilt just might have to stay at my house and not be given away.
Plus, it has stars!

Stars are probably my favorite quilt block.

This is just one of the many projects I am hoping to finish up in the next six weeks for Tallgrass Prairie Studio Spring to the Finish Challenge….goodness knows I need a little motivation to finish a few things around here so I am joining up and hopefully that will be the little nudge I need to complete a few things.

spring to finish big

Here’s what I am hoping to get to:
1.  Summer Wall Hanging
2.  Tag a Long Schnibble
3.  X-rated Schnibble
4.  Country Threads Reproduction-quilt
5.  Country Threads Reproduction-sew
6.  Lincoln Schnibble
7.  Oz Bear Paw
8.  Maverick Star Quilt
9.  Pinwheel Quilt a Long
10.  Short Story Schnibble
11.  Present for someone
12.  May Schnibble of the Year
13.  Leader and Ender Quilt

I have MANY more things I would like to get to but know that I would be TOTALLY unrealistic.  If I get 8 of these on list finished, I would be more than happy.  Now that the lawn is growing, along with the garden AND the weeds needing tending, my quilting time is getting nipped in bud.  UGH!  Wish me luck!

Hopefully you will see many of these projects in their finished state in the upcoming 6 weeks.

2 thoughts on “Spring to the Finish Challenge”

  1. I’m a patriotic lover and LOVE what you’ve got going!! The sawtooth star is one of my favorite blocks. It looks like a winnner already.
    That’s quite a list you got going. You can do it!!

  2. I agree with Lori, I also love red, white and blue and this year I promised myself to make a small quilt that’s patriotic. Stars are my favorite blocks, too.

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