Spoolin’ Around is FINISHED!!

Whoot! Whoot!! Spooling Around is finished.  I am so happy to have this one off the list.  I’ve been sewing on it for a LONG time.  The spool block was a challenge block for Bonnie Hunter years ago…like in 2012.  I didn’t jump on the band wagon until 2013.  At the beginning I didn’t cave but once I saw the blocks put together I wanted in and I jumped in hard.  I worked and worked on the blocks until I have over 350 or so done then I quit.

Bonnie had announced that she had taken her blocks and designed a quilt with them that would be featured in her More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.  I decided to wait and see what her design was.  I thought surely 350 blocks would be somewhere close to what I needed.

The book came out and it was WRONG!!  I needed over 600 of the blocks.  Since the book came out I’ve been working on the quilt little by little.  I never really sat down and sewed on it until I have all the blocks together.  Then in the move the quilt got set aside.  Now it’s FINISHED!!


I really like it.  I seldom use pink as one of the feature fabrics and rarely use green so this was new to me and I like it!

I was showing it off to Hubby and told him how this one is really marks the fabric that I had in my collection from 2013-2014.  It’s almost a piece of current history being it’s so scrappy and has pieces of it all.

My version is primarily made of Civil War prints with a few odd pieces in here and there.  This is one that I’ll keep and will be going in the north spare bedroom.


I really debated and debated about how to quilt this.  I didn’t want anything fancy.  I’ve learned that quilts that are already busy just don’t need custom quilting because it just gets lost.  I used a brownish tan for the top thread and a gold for the backing.

I have to thank a blog reader for sending the half square triangles that I used on the back.  They came in a box of leftovers from someone.  I had known my backing needed a little “boost” to help it be a little wider and these were just what I needed.  THANKS a million!!

I also used some Dream batting that Ila had sent me some time back.  I’ve been specifically saving it for this quilt as it’s more light weight and this is going to be the summer bed quilt.  THANKS Ila.  It worked wonderfully.


Baptist Fans ended up being the design of choice.  You can see them in the pictures.  They have gotten to be a real favorite with me…they really never seem to be a wrong choice.

Well that ones off my list.  Now my Garden Party and a couple mystery projects will be eating my time.

Today we’re sharing our accomplishment at  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

15 thoughts on “Spoolin’ Around is FINISHED!!”

  1. It’s a beautiful quilt! I have some Civil War prints. After seeing your quilt, I think I need to get some pinks and greens to go with them.

  2. Is this whole quilt pattern available in one of Bonnie Hunts book? Love how it is set on point and I love all the borders, especially the last one. Would love to make one but there is just no way that I have enough different scrap fabric’s to do it. Still would like the pattern.

  3. Congratulations on finishing that one! It’s lovely. I’m so happy you are keeping it. It just says “Jo” to me. :-) Enjoy…

    oh, and on another note, I saw some of your favorite patio chairs (the antique ones you painted red?) for sale at a local yard sale recently. I immediately thought of you when I saw then, and they were dirt cheap! Of course I quickly came to my senses when I thought of how hard it would be to get them to you since I live in Utah and you hate to travel! haha… next time maybe I’ll plan a road trip!

  4. Congratulations on a great finish! Love it….and that little half square triangle strip on the back is great….I am doing that more on the backs of my quilts….gives a little surprise on the quilt back!

  5. Lesley Gilbert

    Well done on finally finishing your beautiful quilt and I love the HST’s in the backing fabric.

  6. How exciting that you have that fabulous quilt finish. It always feels wonderful to look at your hard work and know it is completed. It is a beautiful quilt!!!!!

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